Mobile Test Automation

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NativeX started investing in Mobile Web and iOS/Android apps in early 2010.  At this time there wasn’t a lot of test automation. In 2012 the idea of Test automation was introduced to start developing test automation solutions to build quality and testability into the products. In this talk, we will share our experience and learning of utilizing open source tools to build automated testing in NativeX’s development and continuous delivery environment. We will talk about Test Pyramid and go into more detail of specific open source tools that have worked well for us. Some of the open source tools we use are SoapUI, Android automation tools Robotium, iOS automation tool Appium, and Continuous Integration system Jenkins.

Speakers: Jon Nelson and Jeff Bertram

Eventbrite - Mobile Test Automation

When: Thursday September 19th, 6:00– 7:30 PM

- Networking and Food at 6:00 PM

- Presentation starts at 6:15 PM

Where: NativeX, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377

Cost: FREE!

Food and Drinks sponsored by NativeX


HTML5 Game Development for Mobile

Uncategorized | Wednesday August 14 2013 8:57 pm | Comments Off

Come learn about the tools used to create HTML5 games for mobile presented by Matthew MacGregor, Software Engineering Manager at NativeX.

Topics include:

  1. Provide an overview of several different tools and libraries used to develop HTML5 games, and discuss their pros/cons.
  2. Give a demonstration of game development using the ImpactJS library. This will include some basics of level building, sprite animation, and object collisions.
  3. Discuss some of the limitations of HTML5 games on Mobile, and provide insight into some of the solutions available.
  4. Demonstrate using the CocoonJS accelerated canvas to get an HTML5 game running at native speed!
  5. Questions and Answers
Eventbrite - HTML5 Game Development for Mobile

When: Thursday August 22nd, 6:00– 7:30 PM

- Networking and Food at 6:00 PM

- Presentation starts at 6:15 PM

Where: NativeX, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by NativeX


Free to Play Coulds and Shoulds

Uncategorized | Tuesday July 2 2013 10:23 pm | Comments Off

Game & Monetization Consultant Ben Sipe will be talking about challenging decisions developers face when designing their games. Some of the topics covered will include…

  • Scenarios where Premium can be better than Freemium
  • Monetization mechanics and ways to tweak your game to optimize performance
  • F2P tactics, and which are becoming less acceptable
  • Meta games vs. end games and how F2P mechanics differs with them

We hope that you’ll walk away from this session with new ideas around the F2P business model on how to monetize in your future games.

Eventbrite - Free to Play Coulds and Shoulds

When: Thursday July 11th, 6:00– 7:30 PM

- Networking and Food at 6:00 PM

- Presentation starts at 6:15 PM

Where: W3i, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by NativeX


2nd Annual Disc Golf Tournament & BBQ

Uncategorized | Sunday June 9 2013 9:42 pm | Comments Off

Join us on Thursday June 13th for our 2nd annual Disc Golf Tournament and BBQ. Beginner to experienced disc golfers are welcome! If you have discs, please bring them. If not, we have a bunch of extras that you can use.

5:30 – Disc Golf Scramble (9 holes) – We’ll form teams before we start (groups of 4)
Prizes for 1st and 2nd place, longest drive, longest putt!
6:45 – BBQ – Food and beverages will be provided

Eventbrite - 2nd Annual Disc Golf Tournament & BBQ

The details:

When: Thursday June 13th, 5:30– 8:30 PM
Where: Riverside Park, St. Cloud
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by NativeX

Scaling with Cassandra

Uncategorized | Friday May 3 2013 12:29 pm | Comments Off

Join us on Thursday May 16th at 6:00 PM as Jeff Bollinger and Jeff Smoley present Scaling w/ Cassandra.

Eventbrite - Scaling with Cassandra

Minnebar 2013 – Scaling with Cassandra from Jeff Bollinger

NativeX (formerly W3i) recently transitioned a large portion of their backend infrastructure from MS SQL Server to Apache Cassandra. Today, its Cassandra cluster backs its mobile advertising network supporting over 10 million daily active users producing over 10,000 transactions per second with an average database request latency of under 2 milliseconds. Going from relational to noSQL required NativeX’s engineers to re-train, re-tool and re-think the way it architects applications and infrastructure. Learn why Cassandra was selected as a replacement, what challenges were encountered along the way, and what architecture and infrastructure were involved in the implementation.

Jeff is CTO at NativeX (formerly W3i) with more than 10 years of experience in engineering and leadership. Jeff is experienced in building teams and infrastructure, helping W3i transform from an early stage startup to high growth company. His expertise includes agile methods, data center infrastructure, engineering for scale and wrangling data. Jeff received a BS in Business Computer Information Systems from St. Cloud State University. He is the founder of the Mobile St. Cloud User Group and member of the SCSU Computer Advisory Council.

twitter: @jbollinger

Jeff Smoley

Jeff Smoley is an Infrastructure Architect at NativeX with over 13 years of software development experience ranging from VB6 desktop apps to high transaction ASP .Net/WCF web applications. His focus is on building resilient and maintainable applications. Most recently he’s helped NativeX’s Mobile Business become more scalable and resilient by utilizing Cassandra for high volume data persistence.

The Details:

When: Thursday March 14th, 6:00– 7:30 PM

- Networking and Food at 6:00 PM

- Presentation starts at 6:30 PM

Where: W3i, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by NativeX

Unity – Beyond Games!

Uncategorized | Sunday March 10 2013 1:45 pm | Comments Off

Join us on March 14th as Josh Ruis presents Unity – Beyond Games!

The presentation will be on the benefits that Unity can offer beyond just game design. Unity offers many tools to make it easy to make any kind of application. The presentation will highlight some of the tools Unity offers for doing this, and the huge benefits gained through using Unity, such as being cross-platform with a single bundle.
Eventbrite - Unity - Beyond Games!

The Details:

When: Thursday March 14th, 6:00– 7:30 PM

- Networking and Food at 6:00 PM

- Presentation starts at 6:30 PM

Where: W3i, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by W3i


Introduction to Corona SDK

Uncategorized | Monday February 4 2013 10:49 pm | Comments Off

Join us on February 21st as Paul Jonas and Tony Feick present the essential steps to get started with Corona SDK.  Corona is a cross-platform mobile game development SDK that advertises 10x faster development than native code.  Tony & Paul recently released Scuba Steve for Android and will be talking about their experiences:

  • Installing and setup
  • Creating a sample project
  • An overview of the basics: such as sprites, animation, collisions, etc
Eventbrite - Introduction to Corona SDK

The Details:

When: Thursday February 21st, 6:00– 7:30 PM
Where: W3i, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by W3i


Using Azure to Develop an (almost) RTS for Windows Phone

Uncategorized | Thursday January 10 2013 11:10 pm | Comments Off

Join us for a presentation by SaltyCactus founder, Jeremy Stowe.  Catch a demo of Jeremy’s currently in development game Strategery, play the beta on demo devices, and have your questions answered about implementing an almost real time strategy game on Windows Phone using an Azure back end.

Eventbrite - Using Azure to Develop an (almost) RTS for Windows Phone

The Details:

When: Thursday January 17th, 6:00– 7:30 PM
Where: W3i, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by W3i

Cross Compiling for Android Using Python

Uncategorized | Thursday November 29 2012 6:32 pm | Comments Off

This month’s meetup features a presentation by Stephen Fluin, head of Strategy and Innovation at MentorMate.  He’ll discuss developing cross-platform applications, targeting Android.  If you’ve ever wished you could use Python for your Android games, you’ll want to be here!
Eventbrite - Mobile St. Cloud - Dec 2012 - Cross Compiling for Android Using Python

The Details:

When: Thursday December 6th, 6:00– 7:30 PM
Where: W3i, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by W3i



Android RootFest

Uncategorized | Monday October 8 2012 10:07 pm | Comments Off

Join the Mobile St. Cloud User Group for an evening of Android rooting! Joel Braun & Carl St. Pierre, Senior Software Developers at W3i, will be helping root your Android phone or tablet, and applying different ROMs of the Android operating system. We’ll have a couple phones along to demonstrate the different methods of Rooting; the basics of ClockworkMod bootloader, how to do a nandroid backup, and other tools. We’ll also show some methods of applying different Android ROMs your phone once rooted.

Everyone is welcome, whether you plan to root or not. If you are planning on hacking your device please remember to bring the following:

- Your phone
- USB cable (if not standard MicroUSB)
- Laptop (if you want to root/rom your own phone yourself)
- Hacking spirit

We look forward to seeing you there!

Eventbrite - Mobile St. Cloud - Oct 2012 - Android RootFest

The Details:

When: Thursday October 18th, 6:00– 7:30 PM
Where: W3i, 1900 Medical Arts Ave South, Sartell, MN 56377
Cost: FREE!
Food and Drinks sponsored by W3i


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