Fundamental Concepts for a Windows Phone 7 App

Windows Phone 7 | Tuesday November 22 2011 6:08 pm | Comments (0)

In this talk Jeff will be going over some of his experiences building a Windows Phone 7 app. He will talk about what you need to know when getting started along with some of the fundamental concepts of Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and XAML. He will also cover some of the new features in the latest version of Windows Phone 7.5 (AKA Mango). Even if you are not interested in Windows Phone 7 or Silverlight there will be some topics that apply to WPF development also.

About Jeff Smoley:

Jeff Smoley is a Software Architect at W3i. He’s been developing software for 11 years ranging from desktop apps to web development using technologies such as VB6, SQL Server, .Net, C#, ASP .Net, and WCF among others. He is currently helping W3i grow its Mobile Advertising business by helping to architect a maintainable and scalable set of web applications and services.

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When: Thursday, December 1st, 6 – 7 PM

Where: W3i – 1900 Medical Arts Ave, Sartell, MN 56377 – Map

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Venue, Pizza and Drinks sponsored by W3i